3-WAY CALLING – add third party to an existing conversation

AUTOMATIC CALLBACK – keeps redialing busy numbers and tells you when the line is free

AUTOMATIC RECALL – redials your last caller even if you couldn’t answer in time

CALL FORWARDING – redirect all calls to another telephone number

CALL WAITING – Alerts you of incoming calls while you are already on the line

CALLER ID – NAME & NUMBER – see the name and number of incoming caller

CALLER ID/CALL WAITING – provides caller ID information call waiting. Requires Caller ID

KNOW IT ALL! PACKAGE – includes Caller ID Name and Number, Call Waiting, Call Waiting on Caller ID

SIMULTANEOUS (SIM) RINGING – When activated, the first line to be answered either live or by voice mail takes the call. If one line is busy, the others will still ring

TEEN NUMBER – second number assigned to your telephone line and includes distinctive ring)

CUSTOMER ORIGINATED TRACE – lets you track harassing callers through the phone company

WARM LINE – If no digits are dialed within 30 seconds after going off-hook, the call is automatically routed to a specified number such as a neighbor, parent or work.

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