Thank you for submitting your Pre-Subscription for Service with PSC!  As we get closer to completing mainline fiber construction in your area, we will send you the appropriate paperwork (application and drop permit) which will need to be signed and returned to PSC (mail, fax or email is acceptable).  A credit check will be performed and, in some cases, a deposit may be required. 


Upon receipt of this information by PSC, our subcontractor will reach out to you to schedule fiber installation from the street to your residence (what we call a “drop”).  Upon completion (including the separate activity of splicing and testing which follows drop construction), PSC will reach out again to schedule the installation of the network termination device into your home. 


For those subscribing to managed service, this device also functions as a router/Wi-Fi access point and will be optimally located within your home to maximize Wi-Fi coverage . For those not choosing managed (SmartChoice) service, you will need to provide your own router.  Installation typically occurs within two weeks following the completion of the drop being spliced and tested.  Barring any unforeseen issues, your service will be active before the technician leaves your residence.  Most installations are completed in two hours or less.


Thanks again for choosing PSC!

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