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The interest stage is merely for PSC to identify who is interested in the construction of a fiber broadband connection at their residence or business.  Submitting this form does not imply any binding commitment by either party, nor does it require any purchase.  Please take time to complete the simple on-line form to express your interest.

As main line fiber deployment enters your area, your service address will move into the Sign-Up stage. Upon entering your address, you will be directed to an on-line Sign-Up form.   It is here you will indicate what PSC services, Internet and/or Telephone you wish to subscribe to.  Service pricing information is noted on the form.  In addition, a drop permit is provided.  This permit must be completed in full and returned to PSC before any fiber construction to the premise is completed.

Complete Paperwork
Engineers continue working on the design, planning and scheduling of the fiber deployment.

The first step in the construction phase is locating utilities.  Once utilities have been located, main-line fiber construction will begin.  This may include boring, plowing and/ or trenching in the right of way on the roadside.  Fiber drop installation will soon follow.  The drop is the cable used to connect the mainline fiber cable (at the road), to the network interface device located on the side of your home or business. The completion of the construction phase entails splicing the cable that has been plowed from the road to your house to our main cable. Construction could be several months but is highly dependent on the permitting process, number of homes and the weather – all of which are outside our control.

Once construction is complete, PSC will call to schedule a date and time that works best for you for installation.  Someone must be present for the installation, as entry to the house is required.

Enjoy the fastest internet around!

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