Thank you for your interest in PSC Internet Service! 

As you likely have heard, PSC has received “Next Level Connection” funding from the State of Indiana to deploy fiber-optic broadband service to unserved areas in southern Perry County.  Residential Internet service in the Rocky Point area is expected to begin construction in the 3rd quarter of 2020 for “funded” customer locations.

Based on your address, it appears your residence is not part of the funded build area, however, it is our full intention to bring service to your location at some point within the next five years and possibly within the two-year build schedule of this project.  The determination for early installation will be dictated by several factors, including proximity to where our construction crews are already laying fiber, what the demand is in your neighborhood, adverse weather, and the potential delaying impact of building outside of the planned build area.  Please understand the terms of our funding require us to have “funded” locations complete by November 2021.

To ensure that your location is included in the data we are analyzing for earlier build-out, we highly encourage you to complete the interest form below.  The more interest we have in a given area, the better likelihood we can prioritize your location to be included. In any case, we will continue to be taking orders for service beyond the grant funding period, so understanding what areas show the most interest truly helps us prioritize going forward. We will be posting project updates on our web page, so check back often to see what progress is being made in your area.  We appreciate your interest in PSC Internet Service!

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Thank you for your interest in PSC Internet Service! Based on your address, it appears your residence is part of our existing service territory. We encourage you to complete the sign-up form below and a customer service representative will reach out within 24 business hours to confirm your order and schedule installation.
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